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Dr. Scott McQuate is an internationally-acclaimed author and lecturer known around the world for his fascinating research into ancient texts. He has been on dozens of radio shows and has taught thousands of individuals from all over the globe, many of which have been personal students of his at his private learning network, The Inner Circle at For more than a decade, Dr. McQuate has spent tens of thousands of hours uncovering the truth that has been concealed from the world by the ‘lying scribes’ of Jeremiah 8:8 and the ‘coverers’ spoken of throughout the Bible under different aliases. If you have ever read Dr. McQuate’s works before, you know that they are of extraordinary value and contain content that is above and beyond the ordinary. The information Dr. McQuate provides is life-changing and is of only the highest quality and rest assured that you will be truly shocked by what he has discovered hidden beneath the ancient texts and shrouded stories of the Bible, by reading any of his works. If you are a genuine truth-seeker, when you read Dr. McQuate’s books or listen to his teachings, you will know once-and-for-all that you have found what you’ve been looking for. This is information that is not available from any other source, is exclusive to Dr. McQuate’s research and will transform your thinking. As a no-nonsense individual, the author has only one goal in mind;teaching the truth, so you can be free. Choose from any of the resources listed here at the website and get ready for a life-changing journey!


Dr. McQuate initially attended Mt. Vernon Nazarene University and later graduated from Asbury College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. From there he attended Ashland Theological Seminary after which he went on to receive his Master’s Degree in Scriptural Psychology from Midwest Theological Seminary. There, he completed most of his post graduate work in Scriptural Psychology before receiving his PhD in the same from Walsingham University. He is an author, exegete and lecturer that knows, beyond any doubt that the truth, necessary for humanity’s freedom has been intentionally hidden by those who have manufactured the Matrix of your reality. The word Matrix is not just the name of a movie, but a word also used five times in the Bible, and from the time you came through that Matrix, your understanding of the world around you has been meticulously programmed.

For more than a decade Dr. McQuate has been piecing together the fragments of a lost puzzle that holds the key to your freedom. He has discovered a secret repository of ancient information intricately woven within the Bible and intentionally hidden beneath layers of other ancient languages, unrecognized by scholars for millennia. From this research, exclusive to Dr. McQuate, his students at have learned answers to questions such as Who really built the Great Pyramid and what does it have to do with your genetics? Where is the Garden in Eden and what really happened there? What are UFO’s and ORB’s? What is the Ark of the Covenant and how is it directly connected to your DNA? What all-important prophecy is happening right now, foretelling the Last Days that is unknown to Pastors and Theologians? How is the Temple of Solomon connected to the Holy Grail? What do the letters Y-H-W-H describing God in the Bible really mean? Is Planet X real and so much more.

You can gain a wealth of information regarding these topics and much, much more by reading any of Dr. McQuate’s works listed at this website or by joining the Inner Circle at